Thought Leadership — Great ideas get noticed. I help finance and technology organizations create and express big ideas clearly. I have worked closely with leading executives and internationally-recognized investors to develop first-rate writing and presentations suitable for publication in the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Wired and other leading media outlets.

Content Marketing — Your website, speaking engagements, videos, newsletters and contributed articles speak volumes. I work with technology companies and investment firms to develop, deploy, optimize and scale their content creation and presentation. I have worked with both small companies to create content strategy and large company to up-level the quality and caliber of their work.

Social Promotion — You can’t afford to make mistakes with social. I’ve worked with companies to create compelling social promotion campaigns and helped increase their follower bases dramatically. I can help tailor a social marketing campaign that will fit with your organization’s unique style and messaging.

Public Relations — The mainstream media remain one of the most powerful ways of informing and influencing people. I bring the deep experience of working as a technology and finance journalism with an unparalleled understanding of business to create bespoke campaigns and influential communications.

Search Engine Optimization — If Google doesn’t know about you, no one does. Bringing in web traffic means picking the right keywords and then creating a site experience that promotes them successfully. I help companies tune up their pages for maximum impact in leading search engines. It’s a simple science, once you know the tools and techniques.

Advertising — Campaigns need to do more than spend money. I help companies create great advertising platforms using targeted keywords and forging relationships with top media outlets.

Community Building — Getting people excited about what you do can make or break a business. I work with companies to build communities of customers, users and promoters. Community is one of the hardest things to create but needs to be an integral part of your marketing campaign.

Public Speaking — Say what? Speaking in front of an audience, either as a keynote or on a panel, can be difficult and dangerous. I work with speakers to craft a message, carry it with key examples and anecdotes and drive it home with real feeling and showmanship. I have moderated more than 20 panels of investors and entrepreneurs and helped a dozen major executives perfect their public presentations.

Trade Shows & Conferences — Get your money’s worth. I’ve worked with companies, especially startups, to maximize the efficacy of their show and conference appearances while minimizing the cost.


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