Venture Capital Resources

Beyond the “Essentials of Venture Capital,” there are a ton of good resources for those who want to learn about venture capital. Below you’ll find a few suggestions on where to start.

I’ve worked at Thomson Reuters’ Venture Capital Journal years ago and believe it to be the gold standard for news and analysis of the venture capital business. You’ll need to get a subscription to access the site and get the monthly issues and it’s pricey. Well worth the money to anyone involved in the business. Others may have luck finding issues in your local business school’s library. is free, which makes it a great resource for those just starting in the venture capital or buyout industries. The Thomson Reuters blog takes a conversational tone and an insider’s view on industry news. Most insiders subscribe to the publication’s daily newsletter.

Dow Jones VentureWire is a daily email that covers venture firms and the the technology startups they finance. It’s another pricey buy-in, but widely read through the industry.


Online video is a great way to hear from venture capitalists themselves on how they work, what they think and on the history of the industry. Here are a couple of great interviews with key venture capitalists.

Arthur Rock, considered the father of west coast venture capital and once considered “The Best Long-Ball Hitter Around.” He talks about the history of the industry here:

John Doerr has been a venture capitalist with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers since the beginning of the 1980s. He has invested in companies such as Segway, Amazon, Excite, Netscape and Google. Here he talks about his passion for alternative energy startups here:

Vinod Khosla used to work with Doerr, until he split off to begin Khosla Ventures. Since then, he has been vocal on alternative energy technologies and poured tens of millions of dollars into ethanol startups. Here he talks about cleantech investments:

Ron Conway is a “hyper-angle” who has invested in hundreds of extremely early stage startups. He was one of the early individuals who invested in Google. Here he talks about the Silicon Valley ecosystem:

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