Marketing Executive

I specialize in thought leadership: coming up with great ideas and expressing them clearly to help companies get ahead.

Venture Capital Expertise

Working with investors requires specialized knowledge and know-how. I help technology startups and entrepreneurs to understand and secure venture capital.

Writing & Speaking

Be heard, be understood. I write to communicate big ideas and help people understand business, finance and technology. I speak to audiences upon request.

Quality in Everything

I believe in doing things right and delivering real value to audiences, readers and clients in everything I create.

SaaS Myths Debunked with Data

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies start with a certain set of ideas about what...

21st Feb
Cloud-Based Business

Defining “Venture Capital”

There are two major uses of the term “venture capital”: An subset...

19th Feb
Venture Capital Tree

Do Startups Often Float Bonds?

It’s not common. Businesses that can raise debt, based on the strength...

16th Feb

Paying Investors if Your Company Fails

It’s important to remember that venture investors buy equity in the startup,...

16th Feb

How to Talk to Investors

Keep to factual statements. Don’t lie and don’t promise things that are...

16th Feb

My Korean Quest for Entrepreneurship

It’s three in the morning in Silicon Valley, or maybe it’s four....

16th Feb

Valuing Startup Companies

Startups are strange creatures that defy financial modeling. In practice, valuations are...

16th Feb

Venture Capitalists and the Economy

Generally, venture capitalists have done a good job of creating a positive...

16th Feb

How to Start a Venture Firm

First of all, I wouldn’t do it. Venture capital is a very...

16th Feb

IRR vs. NPV vs. Cash-on-Cash

Net present value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) are popular...

16th Feb